It's kind of a funny story...


Friends First, Sisters Second (literally)

Ellie and Grace met through mutual friends and instantly bonded over their obsession of horror, experience of night terrors, and general love for all things haunted and creepy. The pair went to countless haunted houses, exchanged numerous tales of all things macabre (McCabe) and helped each other through the best and worst of times. Ellie then introduced Grace to her brother, Christopher, and they hit it off too! Grace and Christopher are now married with a toddler and Ellie and Grace are now sister wives. (jk gross. about the sister wives, not about everything else.) It only made sense that we became family, because we already felt like sisters :) 


Ellie McCabe

Ellie teaches special education on the west side of Chicago. She, her girlfriend, and her chow chow Sadie spend most of their time together, eating and snuggling. Her favorite horror movies are Evil Dead and The Devil’s Rejects. Ellie likes to make her own clothes and candles, bake vegan treats, and sing loudly in public. Oh, and she burps. A lot.

 Photo Cred: Mark Weissmann   

Photo Cred: Mark Weissmann


Grace McCabe

Grace works as a full-time SEO content writer and a full-time mom. She lives in Chicago with her husband (Christopher), daughter (Harper), dog (Scout) and cat (Satan. jk, Bodhi). Her favorite horror movies are Rosemary's Baby and House of 1,000 Corpses. When she's not watching horror movies or podcasting, she's reading trashy thriller/YA horror books.